Monday, April 02, 2007

Palm Friday set list

So, everyone is doing it; Chad, Nathan, Los (by video of course!), Rich, Mark, Victor and Bob.  It's about time I got fashionable, so here is our order of service from this weekend, although it's been so long now since Friday I'm not sure if I can remember it all...

Theme: 1st Commandment, finishing up our series on the big ten.

Love the Lord - Lincoln Brewster

He is Exalted - Twila Paris
Hosanna - Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown
On the Third Day - Matt Maher

All Glory, Laud & Honour - Really ancient hymn (words written around 800AD), traditionally sung on Palm Sunday.

Hosanna - Carl Tuttle, with kids parading and waving palm branches.

So there you go. Thursday night we started the main segment with Hosanna (Baloche & Brown), then On the Third Day, then He is Exalted, but it didn't flow too well, so we swapped them around to the sequence listed above.  I was worried about the key changes, but it worked out perfectly.


*The Blogstar said...

Well done jaffery.


Victor Estrada said...

I'd never heard of All Glory, Laud & Honour before now. I'd love to hear it sometime if you are able to shoot an mp3 or something

Mark said...

Mark, you were ALWAYS fashionable. But thanks for sharing your set list anyway.

Mark Jaffrey said...

You guys are too kind! Nice to be in the club though :-)

Victor, I don't have a recording I'm afraid, though I'm sure you'll find it on the web as it's such a well-known hymn for Easter.