Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Emotional Update

Well, today I feel fantastic. Weird - Jaffers is in touch with his emotions at last. It's only taken thirty six years.

Analysis: Not being able to ride my bike to work means I have to walk, and this is really good. The weather is FANTASTIC and all the Jacarandas are blooming and Maadi is BEAUTIFUL. I have twenty extra minutes of solitude and reflection as a gift from God. Maybe he has allowed the damage to my bike to force me to slow down and get a tiny bit of margin into my life. This extra twenty minutes is also a really good opportunity to pray without distractions, or make non-essential but important phone calls to shore-up neglected friendships.

Also, yesterday, Jan, our Children's Ministry Director, came into my office for our weekly prayer time, and as soon as she had prayed for me I felt so much better. Coincidently, as soon as I prayed for her, she felt loads better too. Why is it so hard to remember to give our worries and problems over to God? He is so much better at handling them than we are.

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