Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Car Trouble

Last Friday, as the air was nice, we took our friends Tobz & Hez & Grace(z) and drove up to Mokottam, the large range of cliffs on the western edge of Cairo, to look at the view. It was a bit hazy, but nice nonetheless. You could see the pyramids on the other side of the city about ten miles away. Anyway, running along the cliff top there is this road which is constantly under construction, and at the moment they have half of it dug up to sink a big drainage system.

Here's what happens when you come around a corner too fast in Egypt. No signs, no barriers, no warnings, just a huge hole in the road.

The four shabab (youth in Arabic) in the top right of the pic were sitting unhurt next to the trench, probably having just called their parents. "Yeah, Dad, got the car stuck in a ditch..."


marcel said...

malesh... can't tell what type of car it is... a daewoo or a nissan?

Carlos said...


Mark Jaffrey said...

Yup, mucho problemo. I think it's a Daewoo Lanos, Marcel.