Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Sunday setlist

What a great service.  The church was packed, and there was a fantastic celebration atmosphere.  Felicity read the story of Mary finding the empty tomb from John chapter 20, and followed it with a meditation by Nick Fawcett  from Mary's perspective.  The highlight of the service though was our closing set from Wale and the Africa Live band, including guest guitarist (me!) and they seriously rocked.  Wow.

Theme - Celebration of Jesus' resurrection

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (hymn)

Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate - Gary Oliver
Trading My Sorrows - Darrell Evans
That's Why We Praise Him - Tommy Walker
There Is A Redeemer - Melody Green
Indescribable - Jesse Reeves, Laura Story

On The Third Day - Matt Maher

African Worship

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Victor Estrada said...

I love hearing about all the things you playing out there. Thanks for posting your setlist. Keep it up Mark. I hope you're doing well bro.

- Vic