Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bike Trouble

I'm feeling a bit low today. There is so much going on here at the church, we are all praying hard and fasting for our relocation project, Felicity and I are dealing with some difficult decisions that we have to make, and I am trying to prepare for an upcoming trip to Poland. In the middle of all this it feels like I am under attack. I'm certainly feeling under pressure, and weighed down.

It didn't help that a run-away bicycle-cart hit my back wheel yesterday as I was cycling home, and mangled the wheel pretty badly. I now have to buy a new rim from overseas and find a way of getting it here to Egypt. I know it's just a bike, but it also in some way symbolises my freedom. I use it to get around town, and most importantly, every Sunday morning I ride out to the desert and bike some really great trails in Wadi Digla. I need that time and space and exercise, and now I feel like one of the highlights of my week has been robbed.

This isn't my bike, but the damage is similar.


Meral said...
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PSM-DC said...

There is a bike district in downtown Cairo with some very skilled craftmen and you can buy pretty much any kind of parts there including some imported once. It is kind of downtownish in Cairo. If I remember correctly that is in the same neigborhood where you can find fire extinguishers and other security related equipment :-)
A former Cairo resident and Biker

TPF said...

That's very sad. Are you going to take oldy out into Wadi Degla?