Monday, October 27, 2008

Blandness Girl

OK, so I'm a terrible blogger, taking three weeks off when I said I'd only be gone for one.

Anyway, hopefully this will redeem things a little. Discovered in our local toy shop...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Life moves fast

So we're going to slow it down for a week. We're taking the kids during this week's school half term holiday to the Sinai mountains for seven days of peace and tranquility. No electricity, no cell phone signal, so no twitter, no blogging, no sms, just absolute pristine unspoilt nature and lots of time to explore one of the most dramatic mountainscapes on the planet.

We'll be staying here, an ecolodge run by local bedouin, miles from the only road in the area. That's why God invented Jeeps.

The GPS is programmed, we've packed lots of books and games, and if we can't make it the full week, we'll just drive down to Dahab or Basata and get some beach time in.

See you in a week.