Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moderately Extreme Weather

We are in the middle of one serious sandstorm right now. The sky is the colour of mushrooms, and the trees are whipping about in the wind. Visibility is still pretty good though, so it's not the worst we've seen but there is a serious amount of sand blowing about. I'm glad I'm safe and sound in my air conditioned office right now.

Thursday night last week our worship service got rained off for the first time in history. The rain came down so hard that just about the time Larry got up to preach it started to leak through the thick canvas tent roof, and suddenly there was nowhere to hide. Larry asked people to get into groups, stand in the few dry patches, and pray for our relocation project!

Then it rained again during the Africa Live service on Friday afternoon, but that only lasted about ten minutes and they were able to continue after a short break.

dancing in puddles

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marcel said...

I miss sandstorms... don't miss the rain though ;)