Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wedding Drums

We had a fantastic wedding yesterday. Wale, my "Africa Live Service" worship leader married Emma who is also on our church staff as an Assistant Cells Director. The wedding was at 10:30am in the church, and then we had a great reception at the local playing fields / ball park. Wale is Nigerian, and came to Egypt as a football player (there are many African football players here in Cairo) so all his teammates sang for them at the reception and welcomed Emma in to the team. Check out this video:


Deana Watson said...

That was beautiful!

I always find it interesting that those in Northern Africa do not call themselves Africans. I have a friend who lives in Libya and she often speaks of the workers on her family farm as being African.

I've always wanted to vosit day I shall!

Mark Jaffrey said...


Thanks for the comment. I think that most Egyptians see themselves as Arab or Pharaonic first, and African second and that is why they refer to the rest of the continent as Africa, and the people from all the countries south of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco as "Africans".

Let's hope you make it over here soon!