Sunday, December 10, 2006

The camels are here

Well, I'm going downstairs to check them out. They've walked about ten miles from near the Sakkara pyramids. From my office window I can just see a camel head weaving around above the bushes outside.

The pageant is going to be great - funny and moving and thoughtful and with really great music. The tent looks AMAZING!


capps duo said...

We have been enjoying your blog here in our new home in the eastern part of the US.
Wish we could have been there to see the pageant! It brings back some good memories. I hope Ramadan had a good walk with the camels!

marcel said...
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marcel said...

Hi Mark,
My dad told me about your blog this morning and it's good to read about you, your family and your guitars. I'm sure the pageant was great, as every year. I'll see you in a week and a half!
God bless,