Monday, November 27, 2006

Worship Leader Magazine

Hey - I got published!

Got this magazine through the post in a brown paper envelope this morning, turned to page 29, and there I was, looking back at me. Very weird.

I really liked the point that the main article writer was making about "blended worship" not being a musical style or blend of styles, but that it is actually a blend of worshippers from different cultures and nations around the world offering up praise simultaneously. Then there were a series of interviews with worship leaders from different countries - Brazil, Singapore, Nigeria etc and Maadi Community Church, Cairo.

Anyway, go and buy it. I'm in it :-)


Jody said...

Awesome! Great job

Victor said...

Hey Mark, great to hear that you got published in WL. Thats awesome bro. I look forward to reading what you wrote. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing a comment. I love the community that is created by the blogosphere!!!

- Vic

JP said...

Mark, congrats on getting in there. What an honor! I'll be sure to look it up when I'm at the church tonight.