Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kill them all

I've found that pillows are the worlds best weapon against mosquitoes. They have enough momentum and weight to at least stun the mos, if not kill him outright. They forgive inaccurate aim and you don't have to be lightning fast, because they are big enough to kill the mos even after he's seen it coming and has taken off. Surface area is your best friend.

You just have to put up with the bloodstains on your pillow from those who have already taken their last meal. But hey, it's your blood right?


Dottie said...


James said...

Great advice. I'm going to practise on katie before trying it out on the mosquitoes.

I'm trying to get into the mind of a mosquito. Please tell me Mark, seeing as though you clearly know a thing or two about mossies, why do they prefer 1. ankle, 2. elbow, 3. ear?

When i eat meat i prefer: 1. Rib-eye, 2. Fillet (Chateaubriand), 3. Sirloin.

What on erth goes through the mind of a mosquito when he bites in to my ankle?

...Hopefully the last thing that went through the mind of the mossie that just bit me was my pillow.

Kareem Makram said...

Never thought of that! Nice tip!! Pillows up guys we're going to war :D

Mark Jaffrey said...


For me they seem to like a bit of knuckle. Normally on my left hand. Really messes up my chromatic scales.

Here's the morning-after cure for bites though; Claritin. I find it removes all itching for 24 hours. Brilliant stuff.