Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's arrived! (part deux)

Our projector has been dying for quite a while now. Not quite sure what the problem is, but there's a yellow patch in the top left hand corner and the brightness has been much lower than it should be for a long time. Oh yes and it eats bulbs. At $500 each. Not good.

With our situation, church in a tent, with open sides and therefore very high ambient light from that very strong Egyptian sunshine, this just will not do. For the past few months we've been reduced to using white text on a black background, and even then you can't really see it from the back of the tent. Or the front. We certainly can't play any media clips or videos.

Someone very very very kindly donated us the money for a new one, and after much discussion, negotiation and then creative shipping arrangements, it has finally arrived, and it's a beast! A Sanyo PLC-XF60. Just look at the size of it! I've taken a photo next to my guitar just to give you some idea of the dimensions.

6500 lumens means that even for our Africa Live service at 1:30 pm when the sun is at it's strongest, it's plenty bright enough and on our Thursday evening service this week, it was so bright that when we showed slides with a white background, the people in the front row were wincing and putting on their shades.


Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by my blog! we (lake pointe church) send teams out to cairo several times a year for missions work. congrats on the new projector!

Mark Jaffrey said...

You're welcome Anne,

Maybe I'll email you about your church's trips to Cairo. Maybe we could connect up.