Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cre:ate day 3

I'm not sure I know how to express in mere words the amazing flood of experiences that washed over me today in our sacred space in The Factory. I feel pummelled by the depth and intensity of my emotions and elated by the presence of God and built up in my faith through the expansion of my thinking. Above all, I feel humbled to have been included in some remarkably personal moments of openness and transparency.
Here's a quick rundown...
1. Worship with 10th Ave North
2. Randy Elris talking about the curse of the blessings of God. Wow.
3. A great shrimp lunch
4. Ken Davis made me laugh so hard that I cried.
5. Ian Morgan Cron led us in the Eucharist in a traditional yet contemporary Kenyan Anglican liturgy.
6. Coffee with friends including Jim Drake, Carlos and Heather Whittaker, Spence Smith, Robert Comeaux and Ken Davis
7. Dinner at Sapphire. Worship provided by Travis Cottrell, Chris Sligh and Carl Cartee.

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