Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cre:ate day 2

Michael W Smith.
We started this morning off with some great worship led by Carl Cartee and then moved into our first session which was a talk about contemplative Christianity and mysticism by Ian Morgan Cron, the author of "Chasing Francis". It was a wonderful talk and I'm sure that some of it went way over the heads of some of the more conservative guys here, but having been raised in the Anglican church and because of my interest in experiential worship, I managed to keep up most of the time.
This session was followed by lunch at the fantastic Boxwood Bistro where I met Stu G and had a wonderful time with the guys on my table, including the speaker for the next session, Steve Guthrie.
Steve spoke on the issue of Christians separating their intellectual disciplines from their emotional life and how this has led to a compartmentalising of our Christian experience, particularly in church, and how wrong that is.
We then had another worship time led by Billy Foote and his wife and finally a break where I wandered the display stands and had a chance to do some techie research into the latest equipment and guitar gadgets.
I hooked up with Ian Morgan Cron and Rich Kirkpatrick and a couple of other friends an we went for a coffee at the factory. Ian and I snuck away to the guitar store next door for 15 mind if jamming on some wonderful guitars, and then we made our way to a church in the other side of town for the big event of the day.
Over dinner we listened to three great songwriters showcase their work, and then the guy in the picture, Michael W Smith led us in worship. What a great humble guy. We had a wonderful evening, and you can tell I'm tired as I write this because I'm running out of steam an need to put my head down for the night. The night was rounded off with a beer in a bar with about 15 other bloggers having great conversations about life and God and music.

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Debbie said...

Hey Mark, I'm jealous!! Last year Amy Grant, and this year Michael W. Smith. Those are my 2 favorite artists!!!!