Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing sacred art

At the retreat centre where we had our worship conference this weekend, Graham Kendrick was having a walk around the grounds and got invited in to the room of one of the residents to look at his paintings.
Graham invited the artist to bring one of his paintings into our meeting room, and this ten foot long depiction of the last supper was ushered in as we were about to start our communion and worship time. It really is stunning, and added a perfect new facet to our experience of sharing the bread and wine together.
The artist comes from a very small town in a very poor area of upper Egypt, and has no training or schooling in art at all, in fact he studied at a sports college before coming to work and study at the retreat centre, where the leader spotted his potential and encouraged his talent to flourish.
It's an amazing and inspiring story of how God's creativity runs through us all - we just need the opportunity to let it blossom.

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Fred McKinnon said...

Mark, that's really cool ... I'm learning to appreciate art, and it's ability to cause us to worship, more and more, especially after re:create!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon