Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cre:ate day 1

Well, Cre:ate has started. The reason I'm in the USA. And although my expectations were already sky high, they are seriously being exceeded.
1st, a reception at the O'More college of art. Meeting new friends, having some fantastic reunions and connecting in reality with some people I have only know online up till now. Oh, and cocktails. Of course.
Then it was down to "Sol" on main street, a stunning Mexican restaurant with great atmosphere and where I ate my first ever Fish Tacos. Tonight. Well, now at least I can die k owing there's nothing more to experience in life.
Right now we're sitting at our conference venue, the Factory, listening to the most phenomenaly talented bunch of musicans I have ever seen, playing some mind blowing jazz. Ladies and gentlemen, the Adam Nitti band. Wow. Just plain wow.
Now excuse me, I must go. It's just too good not to give it my full attention.

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Whittaker Woman said...

It was fun having dinner with you! H