Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Pageant is coming

Hooray! Tomorrow is our annual Christmas Pageant. Now if you've been reading this blog since the beginning, then you'll know that we did one of these last year, and the year before that, and, actually, the year before that too. I suppose that's why we call it the ANNUAL Christmas Pageant.

Anyway, it's tomorrow night, which means that today was our big rehearsal day - the day when we put it all together. For at least a couple of weeks now, actors have been rehearsing, learning lines and doing hilarious improv stuff, but each group of actors (shepherds, wise men, holy family, Herod and bodyguards etc) has been rehearsing on their own. Today they all actually met. and it well.

It was good. We got through the whole thing twice, and nothing went wrong. Costumes=good, props=good, balcony made from straw bales=good, choir=good, lights we do tomorrow morning, visuals=good, sound=good.

So what makes it different from last year? It's sold out, right? There are kings, shepherds, Joseph. Mary and a real baby, right? a choir of angels, right? Yup, and of course, live animals. Well, I suppose you'll have to come along (if you can persuade anyone to part with their tickets) and see.

Please pray for us.


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

I pray you have a successful event! Blessings.

marcel said...

I'm not there :( Can't you repeat for me on Christmas Eve or so? :P

marcel said...

how was it how was it how was it?

Geir Sakseid said...

Wish I were there! We don't get too many camels here in Bergen.