Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dotty's Christmas

So, my friend Dottie, who helped to get me into blogging, because Chelsie introduced me to her blog, and I spent two hours reading all her posts about living as a single young woman in Cairo and laughing and crying (on the inside - I don't show my tears - much), and who played and sang in my worship band and who led worship when I wasn't there, and taught in my kids' school is now living as a single young woman in the USA and has very courageously given up her home and family and a great job in Georgia to move to North Carolina with some friends to plant a new church.

So here's her account of their Christmas service. They truly are pioneer church planters. I think God is very proud of Dottie...

"Also, tonight was our Christmas service at Greenleaf. In some ways, our first Christmas service was something akin to the first Christmas itself. Now don't get me wrong, Jesus' birth was way more monumental than our little service. But Jesus' birth was humble and things didn't go the way I'm sure Mary and Joseph wanted or planned for. Similarly, our service was humble with only a small number of us meeting together. And things didn't go the way Rodger and Angela and I planned. Angela accidentally left her sermonette at home on the desk. Rodger forgot the communion bread, so we had to make a stop at the grocery store before church and that made us quite rushed to get to church on time. I had a special song in the service that was supposed to be me and the two kids singing, but one of the two kids got stage fright so it was just me and the other child. And the room that was supposed to be left unlocked for us to meet in was locked and we couldn't get in. So we met in the lobby of the building. In the end, it all came together and was just fine. Nothing big and fancy, nothing that gave the appearence of being monumental or important, but hopefully God was honored through it all. Hopefully, God looked lovingly down on our humble little service and smiled."

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