Sunday, December 02, 2007

My friend Dave

Here's Dave from my home church, Frontline, in Liverpool, giving a rousing and impassioned speech (without notes) about the need to invest resources and time and effort into the chidren and families of Britain's inner cities. He's the man. We've known each other since we got married in the same year, and he is one of the most inspiring people I know.

He is speaking to the annual Conservative Party conference in Blackpool. He is not a Conservative, but was invited to speak by one of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet after they met in Liverpool some months ago.

For the benefit of my American friends, this is an unheard of event. Politics and Christianity do not readily mix in the UK, unlike in the USA, and there is no general affiliation between Christians and the Conservative party. In fact, the vast majority of my Christian friends are Labour supporters.

This amazing speech was broadcast on the BBC's Parliament Live channel. Even more amazing is the standing ovation he recieves.


MadMax said...

Great clip and encouraging reception. Thanks for posting.

marcel said...

very good speech, and honest...excellent

TPF said...

In the pit. Good one. faithful. Praying for Fruit. tobes