Thursday, July 05, 2007

a week to go

If all goes according to plan, this time next week I will be blasting off from Cairo airport in an Alitalia jet bound for Milan, where I will change planes for London Heathrow and reunion with my family - hooray! It actually looks as though the rain will stop in England this weekend, until Monday at least, so they might not be in such a bad way when I get there next Thursday.

Tonight is the first of our weekend services, and here's the setlist. It's a communion weekend, and Larry is finishing off our series on the book of Romans with a grand finale.

Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)
I've come to wash my soul (Graham Kendrick)
Your Name (Paul Baloche, Glenn Packiam)
On the Third Day (Matt Maher, Marc Byrd)
The Power of the Cross (Stuart Townend, Keith Getty)
The Potter's Hand (Darlene Zschech)

Then I'm heading over to Dom's house to play Settlers for the rest of the night.

PS that's a Caterham Seven in the picture, but then you knew that, right?

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Felicity said...

it's nearly as cute as a mini