Wednesday, July 04, 2007

this one's late

Sorry. Late night last night, and I didn't get to post this before sleep overcame me. Well, I was at yet another leaving party, feasting on hamburgers and hot dogs, and sampling an impressive supply of different German beers. The thing is, this leaving party was for the people whose leaving party I went to on Sunday. I think that's playing the system, myself, but I did enjoy the beer.

I will really miss Richard and Rachel and our lives will be much poorer without them, but they weren't the only people this party was for. Doug and Evelyn are heading back to Canadia, and they too will leave an unfillable hole in our church community.

Doug played guitar and bass in my worship teams, and is one of the most encouraging people I know. Sometimes people have the gift of encouragement, and they make you feel good by complimenting you, but you know that they don't fully understand exactly what has been achieved, but they appreciate it, and let you know. That is a good thing. Doug though is a talented and experienced musician, and he fully understands everything that goes in to the worship ministry here, so when he encourages or complements, it's because he genuinely appreciates what has been accomplished, and it's from a complete understanding of what it took to get there. And when you recieve that kind of pat on the back, it sinks deep.

I'm going to miss them.

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