Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's all gone soggy

We had a delightful time at my parents' house in Worcestershire, relaxing, being well fed and well watered. We went for a great walk along the river one day, and on Thursday we went out to Hampton Court in Herefordshire with my aunt and my cousin. We worked our way through the maze to the tower in the centre, found the secret underground passageway that comes out in a hidden garden, and had tea in the Orangery. So, still very pastoral and idyllic. Not for long.

On Friday we drove up to Liverpool, and it seems that we escaped with minutes to spare as the whole country was submerged under a torrential deluge. My Dad couldn't get back home after work as all the roads were flooded. It took him two hours this morning to get home! There are pictures in the newpapers of people trapped in their cars and with their houses under several feet of water, and even though my parents live half way up a steep hill, the water running off the fields has come in to the house and flooded them for the second time this month.

All is quiet in Liverpool though.

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