Monday, June 25, 2007


Had a great worship rehearsal tonight. Really enjoyed playing with the band. Because it's the summer, most of our team members leave for their holidays, so the pool of musicians and singers dwindles dramatically through June, is practically empty in July, and starts to fill up a little through August until it's back to strength again in September. So here we are again at the start of the cycle.

This week's answer to the problem of our annual dip is to have a three piece band plus a couple of singers plus a violin soloist - it's going to be great as we're mainly playing up-tempo stuff, in the key of E, and I can have lots of fun on guitar. Ben and Luke are a great rhythm section and will keep on plugging away no matter what I get up to, so I'm excited to see what might happen.


TPF said...

Grace and I will be there. After this Year how else to finish than by running into The Father's House. (Hez at Louise's). Yes we'll be there Friday morning too for round 2! Love you.

TPF said...

And 17 - moved to Southport of course - to meet my Beloved.

marcel said...

I would have loved to help out this summer, but I'm not coming until Christmas, so well... Oh well, I'm playing at church here so that will have to do..