Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Earth Rocks!

I've just spent fifteen minutes on my cell phone to my wife. She is in the car somewhere in the middle of Cairo, trying to get to the airport to collect her cousin Jenifer from Canada who is coming to stay for a few days.

Felicity "How do I get to the airport"
Mark "Well, where are you now?"
Felicity "I'm coming out of Arba Wi Nuss, and if I turn left it takes me straight to the ring road."
Mark "OK, I'll look it up on Google Earth and find you a quicker route... hang on... ok, don't turn left, turn right instead. Drive half a mile and turn right. There should be a big open space on your left."
Felicity "There's a big water tower on my right."
Mark "Got it - I know exactly where you are - how cool is this? Turn right after the factory."

So this went on for about fifteen minutes, with a running commentary from both of us about what she should be seeing, what she could see,
"Mind the bus."
"There isn't a bus."
"Well there's a bus right there on Google Earth."
"Well, it must have moved cause it's not here now."
until she got to a familiar road, heading to the airport and we signed off.

Who needs sat nav when you've got a hubby with a Mac and Google Earth?


marcel said...

yeah.. now i wonder...would it have worked the other way around?

Patrick said...

do you have any thoughts on the new apple relesases lately?

Mark Jaffrey said...

Patrick - do you mean Leopard? As far as keynotes go, I was expecting a little more! Or do you mean the iPhone? How long till ti comes to the Middle East eh? Flippin' years I expect.