Monday, June 18, 2007

New Season of 24

The 24 I'm referring to is a new season in my life. 24 days until I see my wife and kids again. I waved them off in a taxi today at 1pm, and they went to the airport, to be entrusted into the dubious care of Alitalia. They'll land at Heathrow tonight at about 10pm.

So for twenty four days I'm a bachelor again, for the first time in nearly fourteen years.

I'm not sure if I'm going to hate it or if I'm going to enjoy it. I know for sure I'll be getting tons of sleep as I won't need to get up early to make the girl's breakfasts. I can also catch up on season four of the real 24...

I'm counting down the days to reunion.


marcel said...

well Mark, good luck, i'm sure the first days will be ok ;)

TPF said...

My dear friend, 24 days... 3 weeks 3 days... That's 12/15ths of an average month... 80% in other words - but that's not such a catchy title. Times a funny old thing. Hang on to this - that F,H and H see the moon when you do - if you see a crescent moon so do they... if you see a waxing gibbous moon so do they, if you see Venus so do they. Our Father sees you all and loves you to bits. TPFH