Friday, March 09, 2007

Shine Jesus, Shine

What a great night!!!

We had a sell-out crowd, with 700 tickets gone a week in advance. We even used extra special narrower chairs to make sure we got everyone in, because our tent normally seats about 600.

The band were amazing! Every musical style from latin to reggae to rock to funk was on the menu tonight, and Graham took us on a journey with God using many familiar Kendrick songs, and a handful of new ones. One of Graham's greatest strengths as a songwriter is his lyrical depth, and his ability to take a familiar idea and express it with words and phrases that allow you to look at it from an unfamiliar angle. When those songs are combined in a certain order, you get to go on a journey like ours tonight.

Even our police security guards were dancing in the street!

So thanks again Graham, Gabriel, Andrea, Andy, Raul, Jean Pierre and Steve. It was such a great night. Special thanks also to the sound team (Dave, Mark and George), Brianna, Nick, all the property staff, Chelsie, Hardin, Gary & Aline, Revo and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to pull of an amazing event.


marcel said...

Anyway, is the band the same as in previous years? I recall Gabriel being the drummer (two years ago) and Jean Pierre I think was in there before aswell? Maybe some of the others were too but I don't remember... ;)

Dottie said...

Aww!! It's so sad to not be there with you guys for all of that. I'm sure it was even better than the last two years. Well, I just got a little Cairo home sick and I am missing you guys. Tell the family I said hello!

nicola said...

I've just discovered your blog and am really enjoying catching up with life in Cairo and Maadi comminity church. I left nearly 7 years ago but still miss it terribly. Try explaining to someone what is like to celebrate Christmas under the tent in the sunshine.