Thursday, March 08, 2007

Graham Kendrick

Well, our annual Kendrickfest has begun. This is the third year running that Graham, the "father of British Contemporary Worship Music" has come to MCC, and it's great. Every year the worship life of our church goes up a notch. He leads our three western services and performs a concert on Friday night and then he and the band put on worship workshops on the Saturday morning.

I've just got back from a meal out at Meditteraneo restaurant with them and some of the people who are helping organise the event, and it's so nice just to hang out with them all and catch up with what's been going on since last year.

The Thursday night service went really well. Graham and the band led the whole service, and there was up-tempo praise and plenty of thoughtful, reflective parts. A section of spontaneous call & response phrases from the psalms, and a thoughtful intercession time while the band played some gentle jazz with flute and flugelhorn solos. Pretty cool.

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