Sunday, January 28, 2007

Worship Weekend Part II

Well, Saturday WAS much more relaxed than Friday.

We all got up late and Felicity made pancakes for breakfast. I managed to get the broken derailleur hangar off my bike and ID'd it on the Specialized web site. Then it was time for a family art project.

These are in the style of Kandinsky, and the artists are... top left - Felicity, top centre - Sue (Mother in Law) top right - Martin (Father in Law), bottom left - me, bottom centre - Holly and bottom right - Hannah. Watercolour over oil pastels.

A fine lunch of bagels, smoked salmon and tapanade was had in the garden accompanied by a bottle of Prosecco I had been saving since our summer holiday in Umbria, and then we all did very little for a while. Errands and bike rides etc.

Before long it was time to get ready for the evening's entertainments. First of all was dinner at Taboula in Garden City; more middle eastern cuisine, this time from Lebanon. A wonderful selection of salads and meze. Then on to the Opera.

At the Cairo Opera House we watched the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and Choir perform Verdi's Requiem. It was wonderful! The orchestra were on form (not always guaranteed) and the choir sounded pretty good too. Philippa, who used to work with me in the church, is very good friends with the Bass Soloist, Reda El-Wakil, and he was outstanding (thanks for the tickets!), and the conductor was great - a joy to watch. The Dies Irae was particularly spectacular, with the drums and the violins intense and furious. But of course, a cell phone went off in the final thirty seconds when the choir are singing the sotto voce "requiem".

It was a wonderful day, and a great way to round of Felicity's parent's week with us.

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