Thursday, January 18, 2007

Desert Camping

We're going camping!

A Jeep, two Toyotas, ten guys, some tents, sleeping bags, chilli, sausages, bacon and eggs. And we're aiming for that yellow bit just above the "R" of "DESERT". Legend has it there are whale bones sticking up out of the sand, complete skeletons of whales, thousands of shark's teeth littered around on the ground. A rock with an inscription from a dying German Luftwaffe pilot, and complete peace and quiet.

Oh yes, and the GPS. The place we're going to exists as a series of coordinates in a little GPS machine. On the map, it's just that yellow patch near the "R" of "DESERT".

It's going to be amazing! The ten of us are all in the same men's cell group and we're going to be doing some serious barbecuing!

Pray we don't get lost ok? Wouldn't want to share the fate of that pilot...


marcel said...

oh you'll be alright.. with your GPS what can happen to you? and if you do starve be sure to leave a message on a rock and you'll go down in history :) can you imagine, in 200 years people saying: "Look these are Mark Jaffreys bones. He got lost and starved to death. Isn't that amazing?"

Mark Jaffrey said...

You're such a clown! I'd never starve to death in the desert. I'm sure God would send me Manna or quails or something because I'm so holy. :-)