Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Going to the beach

Hooray we're going to Basata! We love Basata. It's the nicest beach in Egypt. It's an eco-camp where they have their own desalination plant, recycle everything, have an in house bakery that makes incredible cheesy-bread pizza things, and they serve fantastic fish meals for dinner. It's self-catering and the kitchens/stores are run on an honour system where you tally up what you've used and pay at the end of your stay.

The beach is great - clean sand and perfect water, great coral and a beautiful reef full of fish, rays, eels and squid. Tons of fish, every kind of fish! I love fish.

It's 1:00am which is why this post is a bit addled. We've just waved my Mum and Dad off in a taxi to the airport. They've been with us this last week, and we've had a great time not doing very much at all. Thanks for the port Dad!

We'll be back on Tuesday.

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boxthejack said...

Hmmmm. Beach. It's wet in Edinburgh. Really wet.

Love to everyone there.