Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's arrived!

This is the first guitar I ever bought. A Yamaha Super Flighter 500, and now it's here with me in Cairo. I bought it from Music City in Worcester (that's the original Worcester in England) when I was eighteen and I have played so many gigs and worship services with this guitar. It's been with my mate Chris in Liverpool for the last three years and now I've finally managed to get it out here. Can you tell I'm excited? I'm going to wheel it out for church this weekend.

These are pretty rare guitars - I can't find any real information on them. There are a couple of reviews in Harmony Central, but that's it. I didn't buy it because it's rare though, I was only eighteen, and not that bright(!). I bought it because it sounds great, plays great and looks cool. I love the funky steel scratchplate.

It's solid mahogany with a solid mahogany bolt-on neck and twin humbuckers. The neck one is original, but I bought the guitar with a really bad EMG Select humbucker in the bridge which I swapped out about five years ago with a Kent Armstrong that I found on ebay. The guitar sounds really nice - full and rich and with great tone, but as you can imagine with all that mahogany I need physiotherapy on my shoulder after each service.


RitaPita said...

Welcome to the blog world Mark.

BurtJ said...

Hi, Mark! I can't wait to see what you blog about. Blessings on you!!

Brother Burt

Mark Jaffrey said...

Thanks ritapita. It's a brave new world for me.

Katie said...

Hey Mark

Good to see you blogging and waxing lyrical over your old guitar... isn't that the one that was always going out of tune?

Anyway, if you get a free minute check out our blog:


Mark Jaffrey said...

Hi James & Katie,

I have been reading your blog too - it's fun.

No, it wasn't always going out of tune - that was your ears going out of tune. Bass players. Typical.

boxthejack said...

Next time we're in the same city, let's jam. It's been too long.

Mike and Sarah said...

There I was, foolishly expecting to get the low down on real life in Egypt, and I am greeted with a photograph of your guitar. Nice to see you're still in love.

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