Saturday, October 21, 2006

Going to Jerusalem

Tomorrow we're setting off on a big adventure. Five hours by car across the Sinai to Taba, who knows how long to cross the border in to Israel, and then a five hour bus trip up to Jerusalem. We're going to visit Felicity's cousin and his wife and four kids who have lived there for five years now. We're really excited because none of us have met the kids before, and we don't know Bonni very well either as we only met her the day before their wedding, and then we waved them off as they sailed off on their honeymoon adventure to Jerusalem, with an amazing firework display as a backdrop, and then they never came back!

We've been to Jerusalem before, ten years ago when we were back-packing around Israel, Sinai and Jordan, and we loved the place so much. Despite the military, ethnic and religious tensions in the city we felt such peace there, and the strangest and strongest feeling (for a country boy from Worcestershire) of coming home. We'll be back in a week, hopefully.


Dottie said...

I'm jealous!! Have fun! Be reasonably safe!

boudewijn said...

Shalom Mark,

So finally you've made the plan and you're gonna meet them. (you've shared that with me while drinking coffee in Cairo). Have fun with the security check, that's the most discouraging thing, but because of that you're safe...

Here in Holland life's fine. Today played bass in a weddingservice. Not as good as in Maadi, but good enough..


boxthejack said...

Say hi to the Israeli immigration people for me - I've enjoyed many hours getting to know them!