Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holly lost her tooth

Just like Jesus must have done, although it is mysteriously not recorded in the gospels, Holly (number one daughter, aged eight and a half) lost one of her teeth here in Israel. Hooray!


Dottie said...

Congratulations Holly!!! Miss you lots!

alaskaplan9 said...

Hi, I really liked your blog. I hope to get back to Israel in 2008 and perhaps visit Egypt. If you'd like, check out my Israel trip blog at Richard

Kareem Makram said...

Congratulations, I guess now you guys know how baby Jesus felt 2000 years ago :)

familyjames5 said...

hey congrats Holly. Cool place to loose a tooth i reckon :)

loadsablessings to you guys

ben, sarah, and the three littlies :)

Mark Jaffrey said...

Hi alaskaplan9,

I had a look at your blog. You had quite a trip eh? Seems like you saw most of the country. I really liked some of your photos too. What was the highlight for you?