Monday, March 09, 2009

Single Dad Week

Felicity has had to go to England at short notice to care for her old and frail Grandmother, so it's Single Dad Week at our house. Cue lots of junk food, tv, mess and chaos!

Actually it's going very smoothly so far.  Only a few small tears from the girls here and there as they miss their Mummy and realise they're stuck with me for a whole week, but apart from that, it's all pretty cool.

Part of the reason it's all so smooth is that Felicity has left me with an incredible master list giving instructions day by day as to what needs to be accomplished, which days they need sports kit, what to pack in their lunches, and a tick checklist of things that need to be done before going to school - brush hair, clean teeth, make bed, feed tortoises etc. It's amazing! I can run through the list get everything ticked, and then the three of us have tons of spare time to lie around on the sofa watching tv and eating junk food.

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