Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday services setlist

The services this weekend have been fantastic.

Thursday night we set up the band on the floor, not on the platform, and put the chairs in a horseshoe configuration around the band. This gave us a great vibe and atmosphere of increased intimacy with God. At times in the service we just paused and listened to God speaking to us in silence. This morning we had the kids in the service for the first fifteen minutes which is always lots of fun, and then we pressed in to God's throne room with some passionate worship.

The theme of the worship was dependency on God, hunger for him, thirst for him, finding our sufficiency in him, and Travis (Youth Pastor) preached from Matthew 6:1-18 on how prayer, fasting and giving are a form of non-violent resistance to the oppressive powers of this world.

Here's how it went down:

Opener: Lord You Are Good - Israel Houghton

Welcome & notices

Kid's singing: Mercy is Falling - David Ruis
Kid's devotional

Enough - Chris Tomlin
Hungry - Katherine Scott
Breathing the Breath - Matt Redman
(So much fun to get the congregation singing in 7/8 time in the bridge of this song)

Sermon - Non-Violent Protest (through prayer, fasting and giving)

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble - Martin Smith

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Steff said...

I'm not sure why but Breathing the breath is a great song that not many people use. I like it!