Thursday, August 14, 2008

uni-ball eye wrecked

My favourite pen, and just about the only pen I ever use is the uni-ball eye. I love the way it writes, and in some weird esoteric/aesthetic way it helps my creativity.

Anyway, every time I travel on an aeroplane, my uni-ball eye gets wrecked by the cabin pressure. The ink flow gets messed up and sometimes they leak. It's very distressing :-)

Well, I'm back in Cairo after a month of travelling in Italy and around the UK. It's been intense and I'm having a hard time re-focussing on my Egypt life, but I'll be posting real blog material pretty soon.


Monson said...

Hey Mark,
You should check out

That site has some excellent replicas of very pricey fountain pens. I find that a fountain pen helps me to be creative and distinguished. Purchasing one of these pens helped me resurrect the art of handwriting, which I realized I hadn't done since elementary school.

I also suggest you consider a fountain pen because most of them are cartridge-based, meaning you can remove the cartridge when you are going to fly and simply take along an unopened one. No mess! Ebay also has a nice selection of authentic and rip-off fountain pens. Check em out!

boxthejack said...

I have been waiting for weeks for the latest instalment of jafferblog...and it's about a pen! You really are the master of bathos.

Mark Jaffrey said...

I like to think of jafferblog as the foil to boxology with all of your deep and sober political commentary and theological rigour. Here we're much more postmodern :-)

But look, a little story about pens has reconnected three continents in these comments. Let's all go to together and browse for some new nibs.

Camel Rider said...

Looking forward to hearing from you again. Welcome back!