Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Team Day

My worship department team are coming to my house for the day. We'll pray together, have lunch, watch a movie and just hang out.

In a church, it's really important to spend time with the people you work with to build relationships and get to know each other outside of the office rooms you may work in.

Yesterday in our Senior Leadership Meeting, Our new pastor, Steve, shared three areas that describe how motivation works for many people. The theory is that we are either motivated by tasks, relationships, or the impact we can have. Of course, most of us have a combination of these in various ratios as our driving motivators. Those of us who are task orientated need to work on relationships, and those of us who are more relational need to actually get some work done!

In church we take it for granted that the reason we are doing all this is for the impact that we might have for the Kingdom of God in the lives of individuals and therefore the greater community around us all. Sometimes though it's really good just to have a check up on this too. That's today's relational task project at my house :-)


Mark said...

Good reminder for a freakishly task-oriented person like myself.

Dottie said...

I'm more on the otherside, I'm relational. I do get work done, I just feel like sometimes it takes me twice as long as it should :)