Monday, May 05, 2008

The Khamsin

A Khamsin is a hot desert wind that blows in this region at this time of year. "Khamsin" is the Arabic word for fifty, denoting the fifty day window during which these winds usually blow. Well, one came through about an hour ago. The wind kicked up, the sky darkened, the temperature rose to over 40 degrees C and everything went crazy. As I watched out of the living room window, a large branch came crashing down from a tree over the road, and not long afterwards I heard an equally loud crash from further down the street.

I went out after the wind dropped to find the garden covered in leaves and twigs, and a small tree uprooted along the wall behind the house. I then wandered out into the street to find this:

And this:

This one had grazed our neighbour's car as it came down, which will need some minor surgery.

Let's hope it's the last Khamsin for this year - we've had three or four already and I'm ready for them to stop.


The Cairo Keevy's said...

Glad you weren't under that limb...cheers for the constant updates, it's like having you next door.


Emily........ said...

Hey there Mark. I didn't really know where to post a 'Hello' so I am doing it here :) I just found you when looking at Mark Lee's blog - small world eh??
I am not sure you will remember me, but we were at Ellel together way back in the day 1990 - to be precise.
I married Mark Payne who was also on the team, we've been married for 15 years!
Do you remember Ruth (Mark's sister)? She married Charles, who was also on the YPST team. They too have been married for almost 15 years :D

Sounds like you are having a really exciting time out there :)
If you want to check out my blog then please feel free. Our life aint quite as fun filled as your!!
Take care