Friday, February 15, 2008

Worship confessional

Everything was a bit off (from my point of view) in our Thursday evening service last night.  First of all, I've been ill all week with a really heavy cold/flu virus, even taking a day off work on Tuesday, and I'm still really congested.  So my voice isn't working right, and my brain certainly isn't working right.  The things I would normally say to introduce songs etc just came out a bit garbled!

Added to that, we hadn't had our usual weekly rehearsal because Monday night was the church SGM when we voted on Steve Flora, so musically we were a bit messy, and we really blew the intro to "What can I do (Halleluia)".

Also, there was a really cold wind last night and seeing as we meet semi-outdoors, that kept some people away so there wasn't the usual energy level in the congregation.  We did pray before the service that God would use us in our weaknesses, and so I really hope he did - it's just I'm not sure I saw any obvious evidence of it!

The new interim preacher, Wayne Boldt, did a great job though.  He's a great communicator - a real storyteller, and I think we're going to have some fun working together over the next two months until Steve arrives in May.

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