Monday, February 11, 2008


For those of you who don't understand and think I have been celebrating all the delightful ways we can use margarine, these last two weeks we have hosted Steve and Karan Flora, who came to have interviews for the post of Senior Pastor at MCC.  It all seemed to go very well, and we as a congregation will vote on whether we want him tonight.

That's a bit weird isn't it?  A guy comes, he preaches for two weekends, he endures a question and answer session with the congregation, and then they say yup, that's the man for us, or, no, we don't like him.  Voting on a single candidate isn't even particularly democratic because there is no oppostition candidate.  It would be much more fun if we had two candidates and we could pit them against each other.  Competitive preach-offs, who has the most charming Pastor's Wife, Bible knowledge quizzes, my seminary was better than yours etc etc.  Now that would liven up a quiet winter season in church.

I think we should draw lots - far more Biblical than voting.


TPFH said...

Good rant. I agree.

marcel said...

Agreed, much more in accordance with what the Bible says. But I know why we don't draw straws, it's because we're afraid a 'no' will come out, meaning finding another person... Better not take that risk!