Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cat poo coffee

A friend of ours has just returned from Vietnam and brought back with him a very special blend of coffee - the legendary "ca phe cut chon", meaning Fox Dung Coffee, also known as Weasel Coffee, which is derived (literally) from the civet cat (cat, fox, weasel, whatever). This cat is actually a relative of the mongoose and it eats the local Robusta coffee beans from the lower branches of the coffee tree and poos out the best (or most sturdy) beans that manage to remain intact after their journey through the cat's digestive tract. Then lucky people inspect the ground and collect the poo. The beans are cleaned and roasted and sold. Not cheap stuff!

So how was this cat poo coffee? Absolutely delicious!


Dottie said...

That's so crazy! I was just reading about this coffee in a book called "The Gospel According to Starbucks". Thus far, I'm not overly impressed with the book, but I am interested in tasting this cat poo coffee sometime.

Trent said...

It's funny how "crappy" coffee could cost so much more than your run of the mill standard coffee. Guess those weasels have a good union steward lobbying for "just compensation"... well... maybe the lobby guy is working for the poor people that collect and was the beans :-)

TPF said...

... and they get free dental.