Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brianfest Day 4

I was up and about at seven o clock, collecting a pick-up truck from a friend and then we headed over to the church to collect a load of stuff. This morning Brian and co were offering workshops for worshipers at the school. We tented over the playground to shade it from the sun, set out a hundred plush red chairs. We also set up a small sound system with mics and monitors, and all the instruments for the band. The workshops went really well. Brian started of by giving a session about the Biblical view of worship, then he offered a session on songwriting while the rest of the band did a "band dynamics" workshop. For the third session, all the band members went off to individual rooms and gave clinics for their instruments, except for Philip who led a great workshop on vocal technique.

Meantime I was nipping up to the field every now and then to check progress. This is what I found the first time...

Yup, kids playing football and not an engineer to be found.

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And by the Grace of God... :-)