Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Re:create Day two

Day two was great.

Breakfast and then straight in to worship with Mark Roach - a really good worship time.
Dean Batali is one of the writers of "That 70's Show" and he also wrote for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I know, I know, what is a Christian doing writing for these shows which are all about sex and demons? Well, he's trying to influence Hollywood for good, and the only way to gain credibility is to do your time writing for shows and developing your career, and you don't get many choices about which shows you write for. He was brilliant - very funny and very serious about challenging us to be cultural influencers.
Great lunch at Dave's Barbeque - PORK RIBS!!!
Back on the bus and back to the hotel for
Tim Hodge, a disney and VeggieTales animator who taught us all about storyboring.
Back to the Factory, and into Saffires restaurant for dinner. Prime Rib and chocolate pudding.
Bebo Norman & then Jon Abel sang for us. Great stuff.


Mark said...

"Storyboring?" Was that Freudian?

*The Blogstar said...

I just added you my friend.



Felicity said...

Dad can I come to that restaurant with you and eat ribs and chocolate pudding? love from Hannah

Felicity said...

Daddy I miss you and please can you bring me back some pork ribs? love Holly

Mark Jaffrey said...

"Storyboring" - Ooops, was that a tripewriting slip, or was it deliberate????? Actually, I thought the guy himself was great - it was just the delivery was less than gripping.

Mark Jaffrey said...

Hey Chad - thanks mate. I will reciprocate.

Mark Jaffrey said...

To my amazing F & H & H, I miss you too. Don't know if I can fit any pork chops in the bags, we've been showered with loot here. So much amazing stuff!!!

I will definately bring you all out here some time - amazing people and mind-blowing hospitality.