Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Re:create Day one

Day one was great.

Lazy lie-in morning at Kathy's house.
Pat picks me up around 10am for breakfast at Meridees with Randy and Jeff.
Great breakfast with some good talk.
Then over to People's Church to collect music stands.
Over to the Marriot to deliver stands, check in and get set up.
Meet Patrick, my room-mate, who works for a church called Origins in New York.
First session at 2pm - Blogging (how cool is that?).
At 4pm there was a session on web-streaming which I skipped to hang out with people.
At 6pm we jumped in the bus and headed to the factory, where there is a cool church in an old warehouse building.
Word Music Group hosted a great writers night featuring Michael Farren, (from Pocket Full of Rocks) Mike Weaver (from Big Daddy Weave), Adam Agee (from Stellar Kart), Jason Roy (from Building 429), and Mark Roach.
And then, the big finale, Amy Grant comes on stage and sings a handful of songs, including a chorus of El Shaddai, and Thy Word. The best thing was a piece of Ephesians 6 set to music which she sang with just the piano. It encapsulated everything that makes her voice special, the melodies, phrasing and inflections, the raspy high parts, and the passion - wonderful. It was an incredible end to the first day.


Debbie said...

Hi Mark, Debbie Nell here,

I'm so jealous - I just LOVE Amy Grant. She's one of my all time favorite artists.

Have a wonderful time in the States.

Mark Jaffrey said...

Great - thanks Deb. She was just amazing, and I was in the front row, and there were only about one hundred of us there. So cool!