Monday, August 03, 2009

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Thursday 30th & Friday 31st July

Just thought I'd post some thoughts and comments about the weekend worship here at MCC.  It was a great service and it's always nice to celebrate it when things go well and God is glorified :-)

I have been away for four weeks on my summer trip with the family, and only got back in the early hours of Wednesday morning, so basically I planned the services on Thursday including writing out a couple of charts for songs we were going to do in different keys to standard.  Our 5pm soundcheck came round very quickly!

Here's the setlist...

Open the eyes of my heart (Baloche)
Forever (Tomlin)
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)
Holy Holy Holy (Trad hymn)
Worshiping You (Stockstill)

Welcome & notices
Sermon "Cleansing a leper"

Mighty to Save (Hillsong)

I chose fairly simple songs musically speaking because we didn't have our usual Monday rehearsal and also because it's the summer we had some musicians who don't normally play in one of our teams, so they are not used to playing regularly.

I ran the first five songs together as one set of worship, with the songs flowing into and out of one another with extempore prayers from time to time and tried to leave space for people to express their own worship to God, and it really seemed to be a special time, especially on the Friday morning service.  I also dropped "Holy Holy Holy" and "Worshiping You" down to the key of C so that people were more likely to  keep singing through the many sustained high notes.

If you were there, let me know how it went for you...

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