Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is going on in my life?

My sister (Alexa) and her husband (also Mark) are staying with us
We're eating the Thai food they cook
We are doing art projects - my first oil painting is nearly finished
Mark is building the girls a climbing wall
We are preparing for a 5 day trip to Sinai this weekend
Today is Alexa's birthday. Happy Birthday!
I am editing audio files for church this weekend
I had a long and difficult (but ultimately good) school board meeting last night
I am practicing my guitar
I am reading "Wind In The Willows" to Holly
I am ordering some replacement parts for both electric guitars
I am trying to help a struggling refugee artist
I am having the Jeep serviced for our trip to Sinai
The water pump was replaced this week after it blew on our last camping trip
I am being challenged by the Compassion bloggers. Wow.
I am trying to change our church website hosting and domain registration
I am trying to spend this year's budget before Monday :-)
I have about ten books half read and a further thirty or so on my reading list
I really need to tidy my piling system
We are trying to make plans for our summer trip home
I am upgrading the memory in both iMacs, work and home
I am trying to involve more traditional instruments in our church band
I am trying to get more volunteers involved in serving in church
I am eating too much food
I am trying to finish an outstanding insurance claim on our house (which we sold)
I am organising new health and life insurance
I am buying more books that I don't have time to read
I am drinking lots of coffee

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