Thursday, January 29, 2009

Behold, she lives

This is just so weird. My iMac died on Christmas day. I know, wonderful timing. What a nice Christmas gift from Apple. Being somewhat handy with computers I did everything possible to fix it short of pulling it apart and voiding the warranty. With nothing working I resorted to phoning Apple only to find that it was six weeks out of warranty, and that the only way they would even consider cutting me some slack would be if I could take it to an Apple store.
Go on, guess how many Apple stores there are in the whole of Egypt.
Ah, I said, but I am coming to America in February so I shall bring it with me. Fine, they said, we will check it over. Anyway, for the next two weeks I tried it over and over, but it remained black and lifeless.
I'm leaving for the USA tomorrow so I was about to pack the computer up to take with me. Hmmmm I thought, let's check it one more time. It would be awfully embarrasing to take half way round the world only for them to start it first go.
I'm glad I did.

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