Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beer Tasting Notes

One of the things that I enjoy about going back to England every summer is sampling a variety of fine Real Ales. This year was no exception. Here follow my tasting notes for some of the invigorating and delicious brews that found their way across my path...

Old Speckled Hen
Medium brown colour, smooth, balanced, rich, malty.

Cains F.A.(Formidable Ale)
Golden colour, malty and hoppy. Full, fruity palate with citrus highlights.

Cains Culture Beer
Full bodied Pale Ale. Fruity and sweet. Citrus nose and palate.

Deuchars IPA (Indian Pale Ale)
Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2002
Golden colour, dry, blend of malt and hop with a hint of citrus.

Thwaites Double Century
Double hopped, bitter orange finish, malty, amber coloured. Powerful.

Premium Kentish Ale
Deep amber colour, generous aromas of tangy malt, spicy hops, with a complex finish.

So what's your favourite beer? And don't give me any of that "Bud Lite" nonsense.

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marcel said...

That's so smart! You actually write down what they tasted like.. See I always forget which ones I've had and which I haven't.. and what they tasted like!

100%McNair said...

Is beer on the menu for the forty day fast?

Mark Jaffrey said...

@100%mcnair luckily, the fast ended a few weeks ago... but I'm sure beer is allowed when fasting. God wouldn't be so cruel as to forbid it, would he?

daddy said...

Old Peculiar - Theakstons brewed in Masham, North Yorkshire - The True King of Beers: chewy, warms you to the toes, velvety with a liquorice, treacle edge - tendency to induce slight psychedelic after affects. Tobes-on-a-break