Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All the adults have gone, and left me in charge!

Well, that's how I feel at the moment. I've been working here at MCC for five years now. I joined the church at the beginning of a season of fast growth, and had the privilege of learning from a team of great pastors - Dave, Larry, Bill and Murray. Dave died two years ago, Larry and Bill left in January and Murray left last week. Our new Senior Pastor, Steve is away on holiday for three weeks, as is Travis, our Youth Pastor and Jan our Kids Ministry Director. So there's just two of us left; me and Elijah, our African Cells Pastor.

I get to hold the MCC reigns for the next two weeks.

Right now I am feeling a weird mixture of the weight of responsibility of being in charge, and a huge sense of liberation and freedom to do whatever I'd like to. I wonder which way I'll go; freedom or restraint, liberal or conservative, liberty or conformity?

Let's have some fun!

Any suggestions?

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marcel said...

Umm.. the church grounds would be amazing for some serious paintballing... Though that might require some cleaning up afterwards so that the grown-ups don't notice...

Mark Jaffrey said...

Nice idea Marcel, we can always claim we had no idea what was going on if we're asked. Alternatively, let's just have a huge water fight with super-soaker guns and water bombs and hosepipes.